Tort Reform: Distortion, Deceit And Corruption

Tort is the justice system for people, like you and me.  It is civil fairness.

Google ‘Stella Liebeck vs McDonalds’ for the facts on the hot coffee story.  Watch a couple of other videos of real life incidents and how they were eventually settled.  None are bleeding-heart liberal causes.  Situations like these can happen to anyone.

Reform is corporate and political yapping of how to lessen the amount paid by those causing the damage and packing our court system with appointees whose verdicts favor campaign donors.  It is well-funded media campaigns against victims seeking justified litigation and compensation.

Americans must not be saddled with the cost of these settlements.  We must not feel guilty that corporations, big oil, pharmaceutical firms, insurance companies, medical facilities and all others are held accountable for injuries they cause.  We must not allow a ‘tort tax’ to be enacted that makes the victims pay the cost of their own injury.

Lawsuits are not out of control.  It is how we seek justice.  It is our right.


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