The Birth Of A Plutocratic World: PAY ATTENTION AMERICA

Plutocracy is a good place to start since many understand that it is when the wealthy rule the government.  Oligarchy, or rule by the rich, is probably where the world will wind up.  Democratic government will have served its purpose and will disappear as the last protector of the people being ruled.

How the people got run over is simple in its complexity.  We were schmoozed.

Language is a powerful tool.  We tend to think the corner gas station means the same thing as the gas station on the corner.  The operator of the corner station is someone called Cliff or Bob or Rita.  We chat with them at the grocery store and rub elbows at the 4th of July picnic.  Gas stations on the corner have names like Exxon, Mobile, Shell and CITGO.  Cliff, Bob and Rita now work for them.  The entrepreneurs are no longer family business types, but conglomerates masquerading as free enterprise.

Corporate plutocrats start small and finish big by eating everything in sight.  60 Minutes ran a segment on October 7, 2012 about a company called Luxottica, a maker of eyeglass wear.  How they grew from goat-horn rims to world market domination is not the point but rather the structure that destroyed competition so ONE can become ALL.  Luxottica owns house suppliers like Ray-Ban, Persol, Oakley and manufacturing licenses for Burberry, Coach, Prada, and even Tiffany & Co.  They shop the brands through their outlets like Pearle Vision, LensCrafters, Target, Budget Eyewear and Sunglass Hut.  Luxottica states they can charge whatever the public will pay but, by reversal, it means the public will pay whatever they charge.  The interviewed executive suggested if you didn’t like their prices, you could shop at Wal-Mart.

No Child Left Behind appears to be a law for school choice to become the eventual reality in the form of charter and religious schools.  Global management hires because American education does not provide capable applicants is corporate yapping to make the public education system look bad enough to correct it through privatization.  Education is only one government department serving public interest that is on the chopping block.  Education, health care, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are programs a government runs for the people they represent, not socialism derisively spat out in its current distasteful meaning.  Any government that gives control to corporate plutocrats nears the end of its useful cycle.

Pay attention!  I’m speaking to those who repeat political jargon like everyone is equal.  The propagators of the pat phrases you use share none of your ideals.  Your entrepreneur is someone you can reach out to; theirs are companies like Luxottica.  A start-up shop is your free enterprise system; theirs are controlling monopolies through consolidation.  Understand the difference before you complement the latter as if they are in common with the former.

Thinking about these issues is smart.  Talking about them by connecting the dots is smart.  But plutocrats are smarter.  They don’t ask.  They give society nothing and take whatever they want.

‘Think globally, act locally.’  It’s a great corporate concept and I’d like to attribute it to the author but do not remember where I read it.  Imagine what would happen if the people reversed the thought.  Acting locally could possibly trickle upward to global thinking.  The first local action should follow Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No’ policy toward premarital sex.  Voters could make it a habit to say ‘NO’ on any ballot issue we either don’t understand or a cleverly worded constitutional amendment that could net unintended consequences.

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