Supporting Women’s Rights Means ‘No’ to Republican Platform

It is stupefying that women would vote against their rights as human beings.  This is much larger than defunding Planned Parenthood.  Rights gained are hard-fought scrimmages.  Rights narrowed in scope or eliminated are by the stroke of a pen or a simple election cycle and may last a lifetime.

From the first women’s rights convention in 1848, it took nearly eighty years to get the equal right to vote that men in the free world have never been without.  These are main time lines and I do not intend to be dismissive regarding the racial divisions which had an equal struggle between men and women and the Constitution.

Control over reproductive rights began in 1918 removing the very topic from obscenity to strict distribution of birth control pills, initially available only to married women.  Roe v Wade, in 1973, established a woman’s right to a safe and legal abortion.

Women are no longer the property of men but many refuse to think of themselves past accepted 1848 concepts of ownership and control.  Roe v Wade is not a birth-control tool or about individual opinions about abortion:  it is about the personal RIGHT TO CHOOSE.  All women facing this moral dilemma already deal with personal chaos.  Shoving a probe up a woman’s vagina as a prerequisite to a legal procedure is humiliating and tantamount to cruel and inhumane.  I could use a less graphic description, but visualizing the intrusiveness and forced vulnerability is to makes a stark comparison to drunks and criminal suspects needing to grant permission to have a breathalyzer test or DNA swab taken from them; and that is orally.  Men getting a prostate exam are able to relate, but they, too, volunteer for the procedure.

If over half of erectile dysfunction prescriptions are paid by health insurance, why is it necessary to fight for birth control coverage for women to prevent pregnancy?  An entire political party, employers, churches and insurers adamantly assert that women should bear the cost of preventative control of pregnancy.  In the 1960s it was clearly admitted and accepted that both genders enjoy sexual activity.  Today, males can enhance their pleasure and suffer minimal inconvenience of failed contraception.  Unless women stand up for their own choices for birth control, they will continue to bear the repercussion of unwanted pregnancies.

Women learn about brute force and intimidation in early childhood.  They will not win a physical encounter at any stage in their life.  Sexually derogatory language to describe women as bitches, whores and Femi Nazis have become common breaches of civilized dialogue and thoughtless comedic relief.  As a synonym for ‘female’ they have an intended dehumanizing effect.

Social steps forward for women have been lengthy, tentative and against the established mores.  There is a generation of young women who have always had these rights and who know little of what it took to get here.  Moving backwards is not an option.  Remember, the Constitution did not give rights to women.

Aiding and abetting the religious right-wing of the Republican Party is counterproductive for any woman.  To base your vote on matching social ideologies is a selfish act.  This is not about you personally.  It is about women’s rights that further the cause to equality in law and stature to men.  Think before you vote to eliminate the rights of another citizen.  This is 2012 not 1848 and women must not return to owned status.

Supporting rights women have fought to gain is not a foreign concept.  There is no difference between them and individual rights described in the Bill Of Rights.  This time it’s about wives, daughters, mothers and sisters.  Next time it could be about husbands, sons, fathers and brothers.

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