Middle Class Loses in First Presidential Debate

The smug President and the elitist 1% X-Governor fell all over themselves insuring corporate America that all was right with the plan they envision for this country.  Neither is prepared to alter the trickle-down route beating down the middle class.

I heard:

  • promises of continued and, actually more, incentives for the job creators to hire the poor pathetic workers of America.
  • how businesses are being crippled by having to pay their percentage of social security and Medicare for their employees.
  • how government services will be obliterated if the money to pay for them has to come from China.
  • more public tax dollars so private for-profit educators can enter the field.
  • shifting Medicaid back to States.  When did all States become equal?
  • narrow-minded pandering about ‘grandma, working class community-college level education, low-interest loans for science and math students.  Not a lot of math is needed to work in the service industry.
  • the aim toward energy independence without declaration that the global price is what Americans will continue to pay.  There was talk about wind too.
  • China has all the outsourced jobs it can handle.  Concentration will move to Latin America.
  • tax plans that defy logic.  The few hundred dollars they might throw at me will not even cover my increased health care premiums.

Money has corrupted our democracy thoroughly.  No one is working for the people.

A new GPS is needed.

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