Dumb and Dumber: The GOP/DEMS vs Voters

With righteous indignation Joe Biden emotionally stated the middle class had been buried over the last four year.  When the applause died down, ‘how they can justify raising taxes on the middle class with these tax cuts’ got buried too, except for the GOP spin masters and the ball began to roll.  What was supposed to be a slam against raising taxes turned into a GOP defining moment to hold the Obama policies responsible for the current middle class struggle.

Voters are lapping up Mitt Romney’s pretty words; ‘The middle class has been crushed’ and ‘are you better off than you were four years ago.’  As stand-alone phrases, there is truth in their statement.

President Obama has done a miserable job in ‘for the people’ policies.  ‘Change you can believe in’ is, in fact, unbelievable change in middle class lifestyles.  Our daily living expenses have multiplied with uncontrolled price gouging.  Loftily equating what wage earners pay today for a gallon of gas to energy efficiency twenty years down the road fails to deal with today’s dilemma of affordability.  Less is not more when jobs bills lack living wage conditions.  Using reduced employee contributions as income tax reductions create revenue problems for social programs, not lower taxes.  Tapping special interest groups with other convoluted incentives are talking points that hit the classes not the masses.

Mr. Romney and the clever GOP blame masters speak convenient half-truths on issues near and dear to their hearts; money.  Negatively, they raise public ire to cloak the party mantra.  Turn all budget and tax arguments into populist solutions that exponentially benefit the wealthy.  Find a ‘binder of women’ to stress concern for female controversies.  Staple Green Cards to foreign graduates’ diplomas so they can complete for American jobs while importing third-world wages.  Morally confine free thinking with archaic religious dogma to satisfy the right-wingers.

Whether Democrats or Republicans win the White House, it is clear the plutocrats are not finished siphoning the equity from the population.  Creation of money by the Fed, borrowed by governments and spent on bailouts, tax breaks, corporate incentives, overpriced social commodities and unrestrained foreclosures were realities that transferred money to the same rich power brokers who ruined the system.  Greece and Spain are the poster children for the planned economic recovery and America can expect the same result.

Governments corrupted by wealth have no incentive to act on behalf ‘of the people.’  Following the Greek and Spanish models, both parties, be it Republican top down or Democratic middle out, prefer some form of austerity budgeting to right the democratic ship that does not take a whack at wealthy elitists.  More burdens on middle and impoverished classes simply widen the economic gap.  Austerity measures further gut government programs and tolerate workers’ wage cuts.  Nothing is planned to control prices.  Collected taxes will continue to be re-allocated to programs beneficial to plutocratic enterprises.  Untaxed profits will keep flooding into offshore safe havens.

American democracy as a choice by the people is unsustainable under the proposed plans offered during this election cycle.  It’s hard to admit, but more than half the voters will buy their candidate based on negative ads or dumbed-down political talking points.  For those seeing beyond the rhetoric, good luck in the next four years.

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