Baggy Pants – Cocoa, Fl. Law Starts January 1, 2013

Absurd laws are about control.  Demographically-targeted legislation won’t affect most people, but pay attention because someone’s freedom to choose has been outlawed.

The Cocoa ordinance by definition, ‘exposed underwear or visible skin below the waist, on designated property,’ violates the civil rights of the dresser.  Though not a majority fashion choice, it has been a youth statement since the mid-90s.

An offender is weeded out by simple police discretion.  Think beyond the expectation of a tape measure-wielding officer and a warning or $25 ticket.  Once detained a suspected violator becomes subjected to official stop protocol.

Our melting pot has become curdled with intolerance for anyone expressing differences opposite to establishment standards.  This self-righteous beige society wraps itself in the constitution while projecting the limiting brand of freedom to do as you’re told.

By becoming a punitive nation, America loses its concept of freedom.

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