2012 Campaign Negatively Impacts Independents

Anyone not sick and disgusted by the continual cycle of uninformative party campaigning has chosen the team they always root for.  For the sake of your country, make this the last election you blunder through.

Without an independent team, the big market parties pander, demograph, threaten and ideologue the undecided voter into manageable divisive percentages.  47%, 7.8%, 15%, 76% are public number games to fake political sympathy toward actual people.  Each party needs to pay attention to the fact that the 99% are 100% fed up with the 1%.

Fill the debates with details:

  • Declare that your party will stop the bleeding for the bottom income earners.
  • Stand against diversion of public money for private interest.
  • State what the law will say that prevents money made here from moving to offshore tax-free havens.
  • Stipulate what regulations are needed to protect the environment and consumers.
  • Use direct language to show the difference between low-revenue small business and hedge fund operators.
  • Under the premise that a dollar earned is a taxable dollar, tax big money and people at the same rate, but close the loopholes first.
  • Stop the asinine arguing about matters already settled.
  • Specify what the job market is for the 21st century.  It is not in manufacturing so remove that elephant from the room.
  • End all corporate welfare and hiring incentive programs.
  • Take responsibility for party policies, failed or successful.
  • Separate all church from state.
  • Establish term limits with parameters that count experience as an attribute rather than a life style.
  • Record all lobbyists’ communications and the special interest they represent.
  • Value the people you represent.
  • Find out what you can buy for $12.00.

It is doubtlessly going to be another four years of the lesser of the two evils.  However, there is a shelf life on this type of product.  Blind trust is gone.  More party people want their concerns addressed and are unhappy being told what to do.  It is clear where independents stand; they are already gone.  Women are outraged when they are considered no more than breeders.  ‘For The People’ belongs in your discussions.

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