Stan Van Gundy; New Seminole County Lobbyist

No matter how altruistic the cause, PAC organizations are after taxpayer money. All in Seminole County believe in funding public education. The problem is how and how much. We have a beneficial balance of middle class and senior residents with pockets of poverty and those with deep pockets. Voters defeated the tax question in 2010.

The economy is still in the tank, yet the School Board has lowered the hammer on a more select segment of payers by bringing in the popular personage of Stan Van Gundy to shout about saving property values. It is a meritorious argument, but many property owners are simply trying to save their homes.

Marching out the tired fears that tug at emotions is a failure to address the real problem. The stat sheet sells the public; the cheat sheet hides where tax-funded education dollars are spent?

Voters need to question why Federal and State governments are openly supporting objectives that funnel K-12 public funds into private, for-profit facilities under the guise of ‘school choice.’ Be aware that a good portion of this local incentive will find its way to Tallahassee. Then, ask our governor how much will be leeched to special interests and corporate welfare. Read ‘Education 101’ published on and get the lowdown on the Ballot Question at

We took the Florida Lottery trail and the twenty-year penny tax obligation. That’s a lot of bucks down the tube without coming closer to solving the education funding problem. Shifting the burden exclusively onto property owners will become strike three.

Stan Van Gundy’s time investment is better focused on the right problem. Start in Tallahassee where the spending choices are made. His passionate energy at local levels is huff and puff posturing that will net a small return but solve nothing. Believe it, less than half of the $100 million dollar tax increase will stay in Seminole County schools.



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