Privatizing Government Services

The third part of Lincoln’s famous phrase “government of the people, by the people, for the people” means ‘for the common good of citizens.’  Central to regional diversity, government was to speak on behalf of all.  Taxes collected were to meet these needs.

I could theorize ‘til your eyes popped out with boredom, or skip to the chase.

Here’s the chase.

  • Education:  Literacy for all; that is reading, writing, history, math and science.  If you don’t like public education, go private, but pay for it yourself.  Religion taught in the classroom is a user choice.  You have church, etc. so keep your belief system there.  Your places of worship already pay no public dividend.
  • Prisons:  De-criminalize misdemeanors and minor law offenses.  Incarceration is expensive and necessary for extreme offenders.  Private prisons want only non-violent inmates to stock a labor force they can hire out.  Inmate reform is not their objective.
  • Health Care:  Single payer system.  Income and costs must balance.  Government must diligently control fraud.  Corporations choosing this industry for their livelihood must accept they work in a low-profit field.
  • Transportation:  The lowest bidder gets the work.  No exceptions.  No cronyism.  No over budgets.  No toll roads.  Conveyors are able to make travel a less dollar-grabbing and traumatic adventure.
  • Social Security and Medicare:  Every worker pays, every worker gets the benefit.  If you’re young and think these programs won’t be around when you retire, do whatever it takes to make sure they are.  Today’s seniors paid for another generation too.  Living on social security is a lean life style, so shore up some extra funds on your own.  Premiums for basic Medicare cost around $100/month, but the poor are stuck with the simple benefits offered in the program, plus pay out-of-pockets for the difference between charges and payables.  Prescription drug programs have already been privatized and seniors are paying plenty for them.  It is not a free ride.  A voucher system will decidedly turn into a privatized system of cost-cutting measures serving a health-ranked base at the discretion of the supplier
  • Food Stamps:  When someone is hungry, feed them.  They can have a bag of chips as well.  It’ll not break the bank and they might have a better day.  Turning this basic essential over to private business will potentially endanger its recipients.  Their voices are small and easy to scrap for profit.
  • Assisted Living/Housing and Medicaid:  When basic expenses exceed income, people need help.  When circumstances occur beyond what can be controlled, people should not have to become beggars.  Some cheaters will exist.  Private firms making the rules will decide if, what, when and who gets how much.
  • Veterans:  Whatever it takes to bring our troops home, physically, mentally and without loss of opportunity.  This honorable need must not be turned over to bean counters.

Briefly, the history is simple.

  • Corporate giants brought about the financial crisis of 2007 and the recession of 2008.  Unemployment and personal loss of equity had a consequential drain on public services.  Basically, more relied on the system than could pay into it.
  • Profits from bailout dollars and Fed stimulus borrowing sit in vaults of corruption on Wall Street.  Our free entrepreneurial system dictates costs.
  • These arrogant organizers and officials obnoxiously shout ‘entitlement’ to anyone needing assistance.  Now they want to fix the system they drove into the ground.  Privatization of government services is a continued public money grab to keep powering this engine of deceit and corruption.

Before the November election, question what you think you know.

  • Is the government inept?  It was never meant to run like a Mercedes, but as an American-made Ford, with doable fixes and repairs.  There is no reason to junk the vehicle when the tires are still good.
  • Why are federal/state and local budgets out of balance?  Housing foreclosures, unemployment, stagnated wages and limited discretionary money because of rising costs of basic essentials are a few factors.  Look at the profit figures of the creators of these money-draining events and act accordingly.
  • Are you a lazy slacker, an incompetent educator, welfare queen or any other name-calling version of a 47%er?  Under the law, all are created equal, but not all are created with equal ability or opportunity.  We are a nation of people working together to make a great country.  Our ‘dream’ accepts and follows any business model whereby not all employees are the CEO.
  • Should only the fittest survive?  Any hierarchal system consists of those who ‘have’ and those who ‘have not,’ and those who tell you what to do and those who do what they’re told.  A power shift of human services to private industry will ensure taxpayers are the bottom rung of a supply and demand strategy.

Citizens have two problems:  Elected public servants working for private industry and private industry working for its own benefit.  Yet, we buy the same pompous candidates each election cycle.

We are the people but we’re doing a terrible job of monitoring Washington, state and local governments.  We fail to challenge half-truths.  We do not confront bald-faced lies.  We do not know where our tax dollars are spent.  Because we need a job, we helplessly shrug and keep letting corporations put profits ahead of hiring and paying living wages.

There is a bright side.  The sleeping giant is waking up.  We are sick and tired of being run over, talked down to and ignored.  Defunding and vouchering our safety net is a good fight to have.

Welcome to the jungle.

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