MANDATORY Doggie Seat Belts: A New Jersey Special

The Statute enacted in 2001 (4:22-17 Cruelty; disorderly persons offense) has nothing to do with doggies wearing seat belts.  The Statute’s intent is to prevent “cruelty upon a living animal or creature.”  Punishment is a fine ranging from $250 to $1,000 and as much as six months in jail for each offense.

Now Assemblywoman L. Grace Spencer has introduced a bill to seat-belt dogs and cats.  It’s a NEW bill.  The similarity to the often-cited Statute is the maximum fine range and jail time.  Letting a pet fly around in the bed of a truck becomes more punitive and might double down on the original statute.  The new language is specifically about seat belts for dogs and cats.

Absurd laws are dangerous rules that dictate behavior.  They confine freedom to make adult decisions and threaten those who do not conform.  America is becoming a society in fear.  Doggie seat belts might not affect your freedom, but be confident that one affecting you is already on a legislative drawing board somewhere.

Cynicism aside, I Googled Doggie Seat Belts and the winners lined up down the pages.  By the way, this sure money winner for local budget shortfalls will travel across the country like an epidemic.

Peace Out!

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