Give Back Our Discretionary Dollars

After being gouged with mandatory deductions, leave the rest of my dollars alone. They are not earmarks for your special interest projects.

I would love to spend money and play a role in the 'recovery.' But, you've got me cornered. Not only can I not get ahead, I cannot keep up. Defunding what I've already paid for and collecting more by calling it a different name, is still paying for the same thing twice.

I want a day I can go to a store and buy something I don't need, but merely 'want.' I don't want to worry if I can afford a basic essential or if I'll have to forego purchasing something as elementary as a birthday gift.

The agenda of greed is destroying every tenet of American life. The poverty line is more than a monetary amount. It is damage done to the American spirit. It is wasted potential. It is the demise of the family.

Representatives who do not speak up for change will be history footnotes as those who aided and abetted the ruination of a great country.

No one will get my vote unless they can commit to keeping my dollars in my pocket.


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