The Republican Party Is One Scary Bunch

This subject is almost too depressing to write about. I am sickened at the depths to which the Republican Party has succumbed. Their depraved thinking is an atrocity against humanity. The value statements uttered with frenzied bluster and unfathomable logic run opposite to what America has worked toward for over two hundred years.

Because President Obama's campaign promises of 2008 are in the wind, opportunities abound for them to gain the White House in 2012. Once there, America will learn the difference between rhetoric and enactment.

Payday will come to the religious right, cap and trade will be eliminated rather than 'reformed,' citizens' rights to legal action will be nothing more than a nuisance under tort reform, all abortions will be criminalized, women's roles will be only as a man determines them to be, the government safety net will be privatized, law and order will become more brutal, and government function will become the complete machine of business. And they will squeeze every dollar out of the middle class to pay for it.

We will have a system out of control. My vote has never felt so small and useless.

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