The Democratic Party Is Weak and Ineffective

In a country that does not value women, Hillary Clinton had no chance to become President. Although inexperienced and untried, Barack Obama talked a good game and was elected instead.

Four years later, we still have the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy, the results of a stimulus package that did not trickle down, a health care law no one trusts, no used cars because they were destroyed in the Clunker tradeoff, unchanged corporate welfare, fudgy unemployment figures, uncalculated inflation for the middle class and you're willing to deal Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid and divert education dollars to private industry. The only change is illegal immigrants are leaving because even their jobs have disappeared.

If ever, this was not the time for the bi-partisan theory. Too much money is on the table for an elected official to step across the aisle for the good of the people. Democrats play the world political game. They do nothing. They direct nothing. They lead nowhere. It is always someone else's fault. After four years of 'change,' we have unbelievable wealth at the top and a burden on the people to ensure their success.

This is a party deaf to the people. My vote is to choose between an impoverished certainty and fear it could get worse.

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