Party Politics

By degree, Republican and Democratic card carrying members are politically determined to be either right or left. Extreme issues pounded by the media are meant to scare members in opposing parties. These topics are the drivers of party loyalty. There is an ‘Int’ Party but there are few of them and they surely are not the center party. They are the voters left and right parties pander to. Party people have already been bought and sold.

Dividing issues such as abortion, immigration, gun rights, government spending and religious values amass the already conquered classes every election cycle. It doesn't matter which side is taken, you are their base. You identify with buzz words and automatically rally around negative campaign ads. Your vote is a sure thing.

Firmly believe that the November 6, 2012 election is of staggering importance. Thirty years of lopsided preference against middle class equality can change only from voters being willing to put the country ahead of party politics. Know the difference between 'special interest' and 'nuts and bolts' topics. Read! Listen to those outside your demographic! See what is factually taking place in your neighborhood and State. Talk about ideas that will make improvements and strengthen the country! Speak to candidates about specifics they intend to enact if they are elected! Accept no answer but the one to your question.

Become politically repaired. This does not have to be an 'All Sales Final' election. There is a choice not to buy the same flawed merchandise. There is a choice not to be another sewn-up party vote. There is a choice to vote for a candidate who has honor, integrity and diplomacy.


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