Lexus Lanes/Toll Roads

Taxing private transportation is a lucrative business. Beyond gasoline taxes, a directed portion of collected income taxes and incentives for the oil industry, this sacred cow is squeezed by anyone clever enough to connect a toll booth to a saleable need.

Vrrooooom! Choose an innocuous name describing a purpose or an elitist term referencing affordability, adding toll lanes to I-4 is simply one more tax for motorists to pay. It’s a joke when proponents scoff ‘it’ll only be $3.60 one way from Kirkman Road to State Road 434’ in an attempt to make the cost sound cheap. That’s $7.20 if you want to get home. This is Orlando, home of the minimum wage worker! So, just who are these lanes for?

Toll roads are selective taxation. Come on Norquist pledgers, no tax increase means NO tax increase.

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