Occupy & The 99%

The 99% are validated!

For the first time in ten years, we experienced something together, as unhyphenated Americans! As a group, our viewpoint was echoed by others. We took food for the marchers, donated a few spare dollars, listened to ‘teach-ins,’ talked to the young occupiers brave enough risk arrest to stand up for us. It was exciting to be involved in an action that mattered. We would make ‘Change We Could Believe In’ happen.

Met with vocal detractors, flurries of free speech redefinitions and physical resistance, the 99% held on through the first couple of cold snaps but were eventually evicted from the focal point of the movement, Occupy …! Then, the news ceased.

What’s going on now? Where are the journalists, the reporters? Who is paying attention? Internet postings of centralized and specifically targeted protests show the legal arm of the movement is active. What centralized the 99% is relegated to huge forums filled with bitching, complaining and arguments we’ve said before. Who in the Occupy Movement is leading this charge? The gap between the movement’s leaders, protesters and the majority of the 99% is wide.

Our silly letters and emails to representatives to rid politics of big money and term limits are laughable. Voter suppression, union busting, redirected tax dollars to private industry, cuts to unemployment benefits, threats to social security, vouchers for Medicare and Medicaid and stricter guidelines for food stamp programs are what is served on the daily plate of the 99%.

Individually we have no voice. Collectively, we have our vote. Right now the choice is for ‘awful’ and ‘just as awful.’



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