Mute The Noise

'Mute' is an integral part of the news watching. It's easy … flip to the news and press 'mute.' It's less aggravating.

Earlier, on cable news, the host's mouth worked it's way through the network's spin. At ll O'clock the bobbing heads of local announcer swiveled to and fro to sell their slant.

Seconds later, the first negative ad exploded on the screen. Lucky me … 'mute!'

Before becoming an independent thinker, i had a horse in the race. All the blah, blah, blah was a turn off. I can't get informed with bias, hatred and intolerance.

Is laziness why we give TV media so much influence over our behavior. We have IQs greater than that of a tree stump … don't we?

I got off the roller coaster of sway.

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