Paradise Lost in Paper

The silence of the masses is deafening!!

The blind acceptance that the simple knowledge of where the money is and who took it is disturbing.  Criminal action is the vehicle used to undermine our livelihood.  Doing nothing, says we approve of this brand of unequal justice.

Wikipedia tops the list for my search engine.  It says, 13.4 million confidential electronic documents relate to offshore investments by world oligarchs.  To be sure, we don’t know these people.  They are not our intimates.  They have built a world apart from the masses.

We’ve learned that apparently a ‘super plan’ exists, one concocted by the few and mighty.  The massive quantity of documents telling about this financial corruption is alarming.  The path eased by government legalization is as criminal as the acts.

I am disgusted to learn the depth of deceit perpetrated by the ‘Who’s Who’ of the world.  They know neither shame nor have a moral compass.

We don’t own or have access to anything that matters, except youtube, twitter, Facebook and a host of other media outlets not controlled by big money.  Use them to say “make Americans great again.”

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The Donald is IN

The people cut off the head of the political establishment but left the body of the snake intact.  We have elected a brash, ill-spoken, politically incorrect ‘man’ with no ties to public office.  He tapped into our displeasure of the status quo and the economic reality of what this country has become.


The presumptive coronation will not take place.  The ‘royal family’ establishment the elites have coddled since the Kennedys, has ended;  no more Bushs and no more Clintons.  However, on one hand, we have reverted to type by not rallying behind our first woman presidential candidate; on the other hand, she was the wrong woman.


Concentrate on the economy, Donald Trump!  Do what benefits the public.  The people are sixteen years into National debt, so your largesse to include them along with corporate tax cuts is business as usual; the people get less and pay more.  Be smarter about moving money around the globe; it’s logistics.  Make America great again!


Immigration/migrants/refugees cannot be solved with a wall or by a blanket policy made of wishful thinking.  Each categtory presents a separate consideration.  As the president and a human being, you and your advisors should identify the root crisis before acting on behalf of America.  Today, we don’t have a positive world opinion, so play nice.


Get American out of the Middle East.

That’s for starters:


Election 2016 Madness

It is so intense!  The Parties tear into the opponents; the Donald/Hillary mud-wading rants drizzle down upon the other.  TV and radio ads bellow negativity.  Poll stats show whatever you want to believe.  The mailbox is stuffed with glossy ‘don’t vote for them’ brochures.  Anonymous callers promote static robot questionaries or an invite to a rally or town-hall meeting.

Money buys influence buys power buys elections.  Elect the presidential candidate with the least muck on their boots?  Flip or hang on to the Senate or House?  You will get these.

The people, be damned!  We nibble around the edges of racism, influential religion, illegal immigration, US poverty, mass migration and greed-infested globalness.  The candidates bat around these discussions without clarity, taking one side or the other.  It’s unsure what either of them will do as both avoid talk outside special interests.  The people want substance.  When?  Will we pay to be Great Again? or do we just want to pay for free stuff?  How about the economy?

Change for US citizens is harder each cycle.  We have made inroads this election in that we’ve got two candidates a lot of people don’t want.  This is the new definition of success!

Wake up America!


Election 2016 – Focus Locally

You live in either a Blue or Red state?  Voting out incumbents will change the color, but little else.  The Washington club will lay down the rules of how the game is played.  New Congress or Senate members will learn to play or be excluded from party favor and dismissed to obsolescence within the ranks.

That’s Washington!

The color can also change in State elections without a ‘business as usual’ change.  The party has the power to set the agenda but Governors and representatives have wiggle room.  Reelect those who use it.  Vote out those whose popularity matters more than the general well-being of the voter.

Like any institution, local governments strike budgets.  I don’t know what they include because every ‘dream’ item is over and above the budgeted amount.  In this state, the sales-tax-bleeding was used in the last election for extras.  This time, bond initiatives will be funded through another property tax increase.  Bonds are not charged to everyone.

We are swimming in place.

Government runs the citizens around like a stray bean on a plate.  Their method is tried and true: divide and conquer!  We are meant to see their seemingly habitual incompetence.  It prevents us from focussing or defining what is most important.  As a fractured society, we are too distracted to act as a whole and successfully organize around the complexity of problems we face.

Be independent.  And most important, ‘do not buy ‘fear’ as reason for ‘trust.’

Start somewhere.  Vote out incumbents!


US Presidential Election Is About The Money

The US Presidential election is a farce of great magnitude.  We’ve been subjected to reports of the most trivial personal aspects of the two candidates in order to elect a winner.  And, we will get one of them.


In short, the public can do nothing about, nor has it any interest in, if Donald Trump will look at the outcome ‘at the time.’  The ‘wall’ boast offered more passion than his potential loss will, and like the ‘wall’ he’ll get over it.  His bluster will not incite a revolution and we can forget about the cheap talk of overthrowing the winner.  Like those who disdained President Obama, Madam President (according to the polls) will be afforded the protection the position demands.  At best, DT will experience the first disappointment The Donald has felt.  I look forward to hearing the one-liner we’ll get from him.


Hillary Clinton’s ceremonial stoic persona, on the other hand, is sold as ‘experienced and confident.’  The sale falls short of credible.  I see her humor as forced, vague and uninformative, and reports tell me nothing different.  Her public presence is for a candidate you cannot reach.


I am an independent voter and, imo, neither candidate possesses qualities that make a leader.  It does not matter which candidate wins.  Both offer conciliatory solutions to what the American people are asking for.


Hillary talks that we’re all about families and children.  I’m not:  I want to hear plans for a happy retirement life and not have to trade medication for food.  She wants to cut SS, so how’s she paying for the other?


And, in addition to being rankled by a vulture-type candidate who gloats over how much money he made during the floundering housing crisis, Donald Trump’s cavalier dismissal of his $1B income tax loss should alarm all mortgagors and tax payers.  Despite his off-shore business ventures, Donald says we’ll bring jobs back to America.  Talk about balancing any budget is like believing in fool’s gold.


We have experience with empty promises.  Another opportunity to see them at the Catholic charities fundraiser changed nothing.  Hillary did not falter as the ‘bell of the ball’ and kept the persona going.  Donald and Melania looked uncomfortable and out of their element.  It was not his brand.


In the next four years, we will either have lower business taxes or a continuance of world order.


Election News from The People

America rallied during the primaries behind Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump.  Each of them said things we were feeling.  The country stirred and ‘sort of’ woke up.  We liked ‘political incorrectness’ and ‘free stuff.’  Who among us couldn’t find something we felt in one of their speeches.  They were talking our language.  We were ready to listen.  Oh, and Hillary too.  She converged demographic segments into one group and no one can say families don’t matter.


Then, not long into the campaign, Trump deified his popularity and turned his platform into brag-fests and character assassinations.  Sanders continued shouting ‘free college’, ’health care for all’, ‘rigged primaries’ and ‘immigration for everyone.’  There was no plan to distribute the wealth from the top 1% to the people, just talk that the system was wrong.  There were non-specific hints that ‘business’ needed to do more, but the people had to figure out ‘what and how’ on their own.


That was the great excitement in this presidential election.  Bernie lost, forced Hillary to the ‘left’, and then endorsed her.  Trump took care of the opposing sixteen, becoming the last man standing, forgot about ‘the wall’ and businesses needed a lower tax.


Nothing changed.  It is another Party Election where the people can put an “X” beside either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump.  Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will remain immaterial to a viable conversation.  The objective reality is that the death rattle of the US Presidency has sounded.  We are sentenced to another four years of nothingness.  The elites will get richer and America will move further away from being a country in its own right.


It takes a strong stomach to watch political news.  Mired in negativity, both major party candidates, demonstrate in rallies, ads and interviews how unqualified the other is.


No honor.  No integrity.  No dignity.  No vote!


Awakening In America

How badly do we want our country back?  How far down this hierarchical ladder do we have to sink before we can’t climb out of the hole our passivity has created?  Why does the status quo mean that the status is for the 1% and the rest of us are the quotient.  Have we had enough yet?


Two political candidates are singing a song Americans have not heard for fifty years: passion for the people!  Thousands are attending Trump and Sanders rallies and more are listening to media sound bites!  These candidates have gone from being insignificant contenders to potential champions for the people.  Some media is reluctantly identifying that, through Sanders and Trump, the citizens are demanding their issues be recognized.  The same media relishes the criticisms of the Republican and Democrat parties against Trump and Sanders.  They want them out of the race!  Neither party wants change that is not put in power by big money and they will eat their own to accomplish this end.


Are we smarter yet?  The presidential race is getting personal and the parties are bringing out the tried and true restraints to cluster the people back into their demographics.  They always say something a ‘little bit true’ with the raised issues influencing a noisy populous that are meant to regurgitate it and restructure an election.


Can we focus on the problems that affect all the people in this country to negate the ridiculous party pickiness?  Trump and Sanders need to offer solutions to our economic, democratic and social existence so we know they are more than big mouths.  We bought ‘change’ before’ now we want to know what it means.


It won’t be dumb luck for Washington to be free of lawmakers who make laws against the people.  It will be our vote.


America The Beautiful: A Culture Of Greed

In 2014, we have a capitalistic form of governance.  Corporations rule.  Elected officials do what they’re paid to do or become unseated by the power of money.  A democracy, structured to encompass all the people, becomes unstable under this type of system.  Since the mid nineties, our government policies have used greed as an operating preference over value for our country’s stability.  Wealth is centered at one end of the spectrum and available to the few.  As income declines, more Americans have developed an awareness that we have a problem.  How do we, the majority, rebalance our economy and fix our democracy?  The first six months of the year seemed relatively insignificant.  Yet, each event has played a major role in our decline.

The predictable failure of the $10.10/hr minimum wage bill has had an interesting result.  The word ‘cowed’ cant’ be applied to corporate America or any of their governments nor ‘guilty’ because their greed is a paramount cause in the race to poverty.  Their actions to voluntarily ‘bump up’ the wage is pragmatic not emotional.  No businesses will close and employees will not head to the unemployment lines.  Corporates were not ‘legislated’ into doing the right thing, it was they who decided.  Of course, they shaved a few cents off the $10.10/hr.  Nonetheless, they shut up a lot of people and left the middle income to stagnate further.

Here at home, we lost the 1% sales tax increase vote.  48% against.  Tax-crazed politicians and local business pushed ahead their development agenda.  Schools get a portion of the penny on top of the 2012 property tax increase.  Days after the sales tax success, county commisioners threatened another mill rate increase due to restored property values even though there was no tax decrease during the housing devaluation.  What am I missing?  These are major dollars being pulled out of people’s pockets.

The FED admission that inflation is actually occurring, is not news to the majority who have been experiencing price-gouging efforts to increase corporate bottom lines for many years.  The fact, however, has nothing to do with the people’s struggles.  It has everything to do with how to keep profits rolling in while upping interest rates for time-purchased products like appliances and furniture, higher education loans, vehicles and home mortgages.  The banking industry spreads the fear of higher costs, the politicians hammer budget cuts through personal sacrifice and business holds their hands out for tax dollars to keep their investors from storming the corporate walls.  Be assured, higher interest rates make banks more profitable, social budget cuts and patch-work programs ensure re-election of the politically inept and corporate america threatens job security without receipt of public-paid incentives and tax breaks.  I’d rather be between a rock and a hard place than under the rock of this ‘new normal.’

The IRS fiasco whereby politically-dedicated groups sought tax-exempt status as a charity catapulted the GOP/Tea Party attack machine into rage mode to trash the institution and the administration.  Apologetic defense reinforced the accusation before the fact that several groups were red-flagged became known.  Pick a side based on the pettiness, but don’t ask how groups with political agendas can be entitled to tax-exempt status as charitable organizations.  Don’t question how such exemptions create a lucrative tax dollar laundering through anonymous donations.  Instead, voters will follow their leaders’ hasty support to privatize the IRS.  Not only can the majority of my fellow citizens not think outside the box, they do not know there is a box.  A few weeks ago my Congressman called to ask my opinion.  Well, actually it was a robocall and my option was to agree to reform the IRS or get rid of it.  The machine actually threatened to end my input if I didn’t answer ‘yes’ or ‘no.’  Since I’m not into intimidation, I hung up.

Do you know that America’s poor fails to fit into a generic category.  If we rid the country of the stereotypical promotion of race as a dominating factor, the belief that food stamp recipients are deadbeats and the unemployed prefer idleness, we will see the depth of the poverty problem as one that will be the demise of this country.  Preference for statistical data causes erosion of common good discussions.  ‘Blame’ is more palatable and is easier to talk about.  We are at a time when reality states income has outpaced living cost resulting with more disadvantaged and vulnerable.  Bureaucrats cannot distinguish their fantasy model of regular people from our actuality.  Their truth had led to an pitiful decline in the people they represent.  They are drivers who only look out for big trucks and fail to see the pedestrians.

As people, we promote the continuation of the greed culture through our failure to demand change.  With blind obedience to our two-party system, we reelect the same representatives whose proven agenda runs contrary to the needs of a healthy society.  They in turn, cede their responsibility to Corporate giants who write our laws, control the job market and set pay scales.  Then, our elected officials reward the corporations with incentives (called public investment), bailouts for poor performance and agree to noncompetitive mergers that eliminate more jobs.


Can we say, ‘We’ve Had Enough!!’  Fight for our country.  Restore our Democracy!  Vote out all incumbents.


May 20, 2014 – Seminole County FL 1% Sales Tax Increase

It’s a fact your tax dollars (a half million $) paid to have the 1% sales tax increase vote on a special date.  The sad truth is most county residents are unaware they paid and won’t show up to vote on the largest tax increase in Seminole County history.

Did you get the postcard from the County Commissioners?  They paid political consultants $135/hr (that’s over $1,000/day) to prepare 180,000 mailers promoting approval.  A 1% sales tax increase is projected to generate $63M in revenue each year or $630M over the ten year period.  That’s a lot of common cents!!

Country commissioners are banking on a low turnout on May 20th.  The tax will generate 160% more than a millage increase.  Listening to their logic, enough will be collected if all are charged 1% rather than a 4% millage increase for property owners alone.  Wait!! The School Board already got a millage increase in 2012 from property owners and have their fingers in the 1% pie.

Country Commissioners, the seven cities Mayors and their councils and other legitimate boards, authorities and chambers have prepared budgets that will spend every penny of the new $63M/yr.  I watched Commissioner Carey’s limited-information, public-consumption video supporting the ‘Infrastructure Sales Tax.’  The speech carefully omitted SunRail until it had to be disclosed that the county “already paid $42M for the operation of SunRail” out of reserves.

But, this is not a Train Tax because sales taxes cannot be used for SunRail.  Technically, road construction/improvement and Lynx bus routes do not shout train tax but all roads slated for improvement lead to SunRail.  The motivated beneficiaries (contractors, developers, political contributors and corporations that do business with government) are ALL ABOARD the sales tax increase EXPRESS.  They want cost-efficient, tax-payer funded infrastructure in place before planting strip malls, apartments, and Dollar Stores along pre-planned routes.

The commission has stated the cost for a family of four will be $53.40/yr and others report it will be $1450/yr.  With this much disparity, both figures are questionable.  It’s not hard to get up to $53.40 by maintaining essential needs if minimal inflation occurs and thinking hefty purchases are needed to cost $1450 extra.

And that fellow residents is how you ‘grow’ the economic gap between us and the 1%.  The Seminole County website informs viewers how nice a place this is to live.  They are right; it is.  But, I want to know what they do with the money?  $2M sent to Orange County for a soccer stadium??  How did that happen and why?  Where is the list of corporate incentives and who got what?  Why are commissioners paid $82,000/yr for a part-time job.  How much tax-payer money is paying for public/turned private business?  The pie chart is generic specific and factually insufficient.

On May 20th, I plan to vote AGAINST this tax increase because I don’t believe the sales pitch.

In November I plan to vote out all incumbents and city/county commissioners.  Smaller government is not necessarily better but accountable government surely is.